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Inolivent-5 (2012-…)


Inolivent-5 (2011)

Inolivent-5, has been developed as part of a NSERC/IRSC Collaborative Health Research Project with an engineering perspective to develop an efficient and safe liquid ventilator that can be operated by individuals representative of the intended users in neonatal intensive care units. It includes the latest findings in total liquid ventilation systems, such as pressure control algorithms and dedicated components: gas mixer and unsteady flow sensor. It also integrates our latest up-to-date algorithms and components to control and monitor total liquid ventilation with efficiency and safety. It is close to conventional ventilators and user friendly. Inolivent-5 was tested in newborn lambs with severe meconium aspiration syndrom in conditions mimicking the neonatal intensive care units environment to validate the efficiency of meconium lung lavage by TLV, from onset to weaning to spontaneous air ventilation.

Inolivent-5 has been improved with a  system (device and algorithm) of ultra-rapid induction of mild therapeutic hypothermia by total liquid ventilation. This system has been validated in Sherbrooke on a newborn lamb model with healthy lungs. It was developed with a provincial grant MDEIE (Quebec) in the context of a international research project with the team of Renaud Tissier of  l’INSERM U955 équipe 3 (Créteil, France, directeur: A. Berdeaux). Since autumn 2012, Inolivent-5 with the function of ultra-rapid induction of hypothermia is operated by the Renaud’s team and it delivers promising results.