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Inolivent-4 (2007-2011)



Prototype Inolivent-4 (2007)

Total liquid ventilator Inolivent-4 is the prototype which includes new pressure control modes. Validation of the prototype was completed in 2008 in healthy and meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) newborn lambs in 2009.

It  is designed for infants weighing up to 9 kg, using a Vt of 25 ml/kg body weight. It is controlled by an industrial programmable logic computer; a touch panel serves as a human-machine interface. This TLV ventilator includes 1) two independent piston pumps to insert and withdraw PFC from the lungs; 2) a gas exchanger to perform complete PFC oxygenation and CO2 removal; it includes a heating system to heat and maintain the desired PFC temperature, a condenser to retrieve PFC vapors, and a filter to remove sputum and any other unwanted materials from the expired liquid; 3) four pneumatic pinch valves to control the inspiratory and expiratory fluid circuit independently; 4) a buffer reservoir to monitor the level of PFC in the ventilator; and 5) a condenser to attenuate PFC losses by evaporation.